Borehole Logging Methods for Rock Mechanics

Fractures on borehole wall and RQD
  • Optical borehole imaging (OBI): depth, dip, strike, aperture
  • Acoustic borehole imaging (ABI): depth, dip, strike, aperture
Fractures extended 5-20 meters from borehole and RQD
  • Borehole Radar: depth where intersecting hole, dip
Dynamic Young's Modulus
  • P- and S-velocities
  • Density measurement

Borehole Logging Methods for Mineral Exploration 

fAST-logg application provides a versatile set of borehole methods for logging physical properties in mineral exploration holes

  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • Galvanic resistivity with electrode arrays: Wenner
  • Induced polarization (IP)
  • Inductive conductivity
  • Gamma-gamma density
  • Natural gamma-ray
  • Spectral gamma-ray
  • Digital TEM probes

Ground Surveys

Ground surveys are carried out by Astrock's sub-company Ageos. Please check Ageos pages for details.

Ground-EM surveys
  • SMARTem24 system and a SMART fluxgate magnetometer
  • Wide range of services including ie. fixed and moving loop configurations
IP, magnetics, mise-a-la-masse, spectral gamma etc.

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