VIsualise Borehole Data with Hyperdata

Hyperdata application visualises versatile borehole data such as logs, images, videos and drill cores. Quick searches and easy tools. Ask for a free demo or check, how Posiva uses Hyperdata.

Flexible and efficient workflow with Hyperdata reporting:

  • All the results per bore hole are put in place in Hyperdata report and are ready for the client. No hazzle with importing different formats of data etc.
  • Hyperdata report contains tools for classifying and orienting structures. Easy work at office or even remotely from home.
  • No licence costs. After buying the report per bore hole that's it.
  • Unlimited copies can be dowloaded from the web.
  • Easy installation. Just copying to a hard disk.
  • Each of the team member can have a copy of his/her own and work anywhere.
  • Quick search functions cover all the data also cores in core boxes.

Advantages of core boxes in Hyperdata reporting:

  • Cores and data together in Hyperdata report ensure quality of drilling and logging.
  • Can reduce visits to a core shed or enables to plan visits more better.
  • When classifying a fracture on a scanned image, a core box gives a broader view of the geology around the depth of the fracture.

Check from the video, how easy it is to define structures on the borehole images.

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