Hyperdata Reporting

Hyperdata report is a special type of database application that links versatile borehole data such as logging data, images, videos and drill cores to each other. You can select a drill core at certain depth, and the other data will move to the same spot, or you can watch a video and other data will follow.
If borehole images are included, you can pick structures and classify structures and Hyperdata calculated the dips and strikes.

Flexible and efficient workflow with Hyperdata report:

  • All the results per bore hole are put in place in Hyperdata report and are ready for the client. No hazzle with importing different formats of data etc.
  • Hyperdata report contains tools for classifying and orienting structures. Easy work at office or even remotely from home.
  • No licence costs. After buying the report per bore hole that's it.
  • Unlimited copies can be dowloaded from the web.
  • Easy installation. Just copying to a hard disk.
  • Each of the team member can have a copy of his/her own and work anywhere.
  • Quick search functions cover all the data also cores in core boxes.

Advantages of core boxes in Hyperdata report:

  • Cores and data together in Hyperdata report ensure quality of drilling and logging.
  • Can reduce visits to a core shed or enables to plan visits more better.
  • When classifying a fracture on a scanned image, a core box gives a broader view of the geology around the depth of the fracture.

Check from the video, how easy it is to define structures on the borehole images.

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